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The early 1980s was a time of great expansion for the cruise ship industry in South East Florida. Norwegian interests and know-how played a major role in this expansion. In 1982, two key organizations, The Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce, South East Chapter, and The Norwegian Shipping Club were established to cater to the growing number of Norwegians and Americans who were involved in the cruise and cruise-related industries.

The late Bjarne Eikevik was founder and first president of NACC, while Captain Aage Lindstad was co-founder and first president of The Norwegian Shipping Club.

Over the years the two organizations attracted the same members, and this resulted in a successful merger in 2002: Norwegian Shipping Club & NACC, Inc.  In order to be in line with the other NACC Chapters, and to reflect the fact that current and potential members are now working in a much more diverse environment, the name was changed in 2015 to The Norwegian-American Chamber of Commerce South East Chapter, Inc. – NACC Florida for short.

Throughout the year, NACC Florida organizes social events, often with speakers, creating networking opportunities for its members. The Seatrade Cruise Convention Kick-Off Party and the annual Christmas Dinner & Dance Party are the two most popular and best attended events.

NACC Florida is proud to cooperate with both the Norwegian Seamen’s Church, the Royal Norwegian Consulate in Miami, and various Chambers of Commerce in South East Florida.

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