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We are now offering lounge access and improved in-flight service to our customers with premium tickets on our long haul flights.

We have upgraded the service on our Premium Economy class between Europe, Asia and the USA. Premium Class passengers can now look forward to extended service also we will offer lounge access in Oslo, Stockholm Copenhagen, Bangkok, Los Angeles and London-Gatwick, to our premium class passengers, flying intercontinental. For more information about our Premium Economy class see: For a closer look at our product please see our Showroom:

About Norwegian

Norwegian is the second largest airline in Scandinavia and the third largest low-cost airline in Europe with approximately 4500 employees. Norwegian operates 416 routes to 126 destinations in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Thailand and the US. In 2013, more than 20 million passengers flew with the airline, which has been listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange since 2003.

With competitive prices and customer friendly and efficient solutions, the company has experienced significant growth over the previous years by introducing brand new aircraft to its fleet, launching many new routes and establishing new bases in Europe, Asia and the US. Per September 2014, the company has 98 aircraft in its fleet.

New and more environmentally friendly fleet Norwegian has chosen to modernise its fleet with brand new aircraft. New aircraft is introduced to the fleet continuously. This is essential for the company; it enables Norwegian to offer low fares because new aircraft consume less fuel and require less maintenance. And not least, new aircraft is more environmentally friendly and more comfortable for passengers.

Norwegian Airlines Dreamliner Aircraft

Historical aircraft order In 2007, Norwegian entered an agreement with Boeing to purchase 42 737-800s, an order that has since been extended several times. In January 2012, Norwegian placed an order with both Boeing and Airbus to purchase 222 aircraft – whereof 100 Boeing 737 MAX8, 22 Boeing 737-800 and 100 Airbus A320neo. The order is Europe’s largest ever single aircraft order. Norwegian has also 14 Boeing 787 Dreamliner on order for its long-haul operations. Norwegian took delivery of three Dreamliners in 2013 and is due to take delivery of four Dreamliners during 2014.

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